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Don't Forget to Dream

It’s Sunday afternoon again, and I’m growing anxious as the hours pass by.

I’m filled with excitement, impatience, elation, passion, and the jitters—all at once.

One week from today “Therapy”, my new single, will be fresh out on Spotify for your ears to hear!

As I battle a mix of emotions, it’s becoming very difficult to conjure up this post. I’m greeting this new single release with a bundle of anticipation: it’s been nearly four years since I released original music. I’m also facing a bundle of nerves this week as the release gets closer: it’s been four years since I released original music.

A lot has changed in four years—I’ve lived in three different states, graduated college, gotten married, and lived a brief period of time in Nashville, Tennessee. I’ve experienced a lot of growth and setbacks, and "Therapy" is a testament to the gist of those ups and downs.

It’s been a dream of mine to finally put out music that I believe in—something with a bit of jazz, a little nod towards blues, and whole lot of vintage rock all in one encompassing sound. As a songwriter, I write a collection of songs that I don’t like before I finally write the music that I'm waiting to hear.

My music all started out as a dream—even before it turned into a passion. Therapy not only marks a new start for my music, but also serves as a reminder that everything starts with a dream.

Here a few modest reasons, amongst many, that I think dreaming is not only useful but necessary.

Dreams give you the ability to see possibility everywhere.

Sometimes all it takes is a shift in perspective to make life a little more vibrant.

When you allow yourself to dream, an extra hour of your day becomes a few minutes to start brainstorming your small business idea, a lunch break becomes a few minutes to listen to that podcast you had been meaning to add to your playlist, and a free afternoon turns into an impromptu photoshoot.

Dreams are not regulated by reality—the possibilities are endless.

Dreams give you the motivation to get things done.

When was the last time you woke up in the early hours of the morning, excited to start your day? To be frank, my moment was this morning when awoke to the realization that there was breakfast food in my fridge—ha!

All sarcasm aside, if you understand where a dream can take you the passion to achieve it will give you the motivation to get things done.

It will keep you up until 3:00am.

It will surprise you in the middle of a mundane work day.

It will pull you out of a typical Monday afternoon lunch break.

Dreaming gives you the ability to create a plan.

A dream in itself is a plan. Or at least, a dream is the epitome of a plan.

A dream will point you in the direction of a plan—the research that needs to be done, the meetings that need to be scheduled, or even just the simple time set aside to create something.

“Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than you are to your comfort zone.”

Dreams are synonymous with goals; however, they might be the goal we’re afraid to set in spite of the risk of disappointment.

In the words of author Suzy Kassem, “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”

Don’t be afraid to dream.

As release day gets closer for “Therapy”, I would do the track injustice if I didn’t acknowledge the dreams that pushed the music into reality. In 2015 I wanted nothing more than to write music that captured my swell of emotions among a year of imminent change and renewal.

Moving from Indiana to Nashville was not an easy venture, and moving back to Indiana—an even more difficult reality to embrace. As I look back on the past few years, it’s incredible to see so many different versions of me—some I’d rather forget, and others carry sparks of a passion I’ve had since I was little.

So, as I gather up my dreams, I’m excited to finally bring you the music that produced week from today!

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