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Instead of the usual blog post, I wanted to share with you some other blogs/bloggers who have been posting about the new single. I've been so encouraged by all of the feedback "Therapy" has gotten so far, and I felt like it was appropriate to share some of my favorite reactions!

If you want a very in-depth look at the process, recording, and production behind "Therapy", BroadTube Music Channel invited me to interview on the subject matter this weekend. You can read the full interview right here -->>

*Disclaimer* : I'm a bit wordy in this interview---when I have a story to tell I tend to rant a bit.

Follow BroadTube Music Channel for more indie music interviews right here.

Ryan Cassata, a fantastic speaker, songwriter, musician, filmmaker, and actor gave a lovely review of "Therapy" on his music blog, Rock the Pigeon.

Check out the short blip right here --->>

For more music, you can connect with him via Instagram @ryancassata

Search in the "filter" part of this playlist and you'll find "Therapy" among a lovely curated list of undiscovered indie artists thanks to the music blog, Songpickr.

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